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Disclaimer: This Bracelet Will NOT Change Your Life

Disclaimer: This Bracelet Will NOT Change Your Life

Although beautiful, this bracelet will not change your life.  

Will you look stylish wearing this necklace? Yes! Will it make all your dreams come true? NO!

At Modern Zen Supply Co., we champion the idea of small things done with big intention.  We truly believe taking a few moments throughout the day to ground yourself and align with the energies you want in your life has a cumulative effect that impacts your well-being. 

Although gems and crystals are said to have properties that can help attract certain energies, these stones can’t do all the work. You need to show up and be present for your life, which is why intention setting and rituals are so important. 

The bracelets above is the money and prosperity crystal stack.  It’s a combination of pyrite (protection from negative thoughts about money i.e. I don’t have enough), aventurine (calming and cleansing properties to detox your thoughts and raise your vibration to the frequency of wealth and abundance) and citrine (illuminating energy aids in acquiring and maintaining prosperity).  The affirmation that goes along with this stack is: money flows to me easily and effortlessly. I am living a life full of abundance. 

We believe the pyrite, aventurine and citrine do give us a vibrational boost to help attract abundance, but wearing this stack or using the prosperity affirmation soap isn’t some get rich quick scheme.  Wearing this bracelet (or anything else that grounds you and helps you tap into the vibration/frequency you want) is the small thing done with big intention.  When you put it on in the morning you are actively thinking about attracting wealth and prosperity into your life.  If you face a setback, a quick squeeze of your bracelet can help you gain perspective and remind you that abundance is coming your way, this setback is temporary. 

So when you encounter a skeptic who thinks all of this a little woo-woo and asks “do you really think that  - bracelet, meditation, affirmation… will change your life?”  your answer should be, “NO! I will!”

You’re in the driver’s seat, but crystals, meditation or whatever ritual you use, is a physical reminder of your intentions and helps give you a little vibrational boost.