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Welcome to Modern Zen Supply Co.

Welcome to Modern Zen Supply Co.

At Modern Zen Supply Co., we relish small things done with big intention.   Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours -  Modern Zen Supply Co. is a carefully curated collection of goods and wears designed to help you find some calm amidst the chaos. 

True moments of calm and inner peace don’t need to occur after hours of meditation or on a mountain top in Nepal, it's accessible to everyone.  The goods on this site aren't only beautiful, they an accessible way to channel more of the energy you hope to incorporate in your life.  

Small, simple acts like loading up your wrist with an energy stack or setting your intention with a crystal grid as you you drink your morning coffee, can have a big impact on the way you approach your day.  Not only are these crystals said to have specific properties to help with energy alignment, they are a physical reminder that you are in control of the energy and vibrations you want to attract into your life.  

Here's an overview of a few of the crystal mixes featured on Modern Zen Supply Co. We'll be adding new goods all the time so sign up to receive notifications on new good, abundance alerts (aka sales!) and more!

Amethyst is a powerful protective stone that purifies the mind of stressful thoughts so you can find relief from anxiety. The calming energy of Amethyst also nourishes the nervous system, balances your emotions, and encourages you to trust your intuition.  

Angelite’s calming energy helps to banish negative emotions such as anger, fear, and anxiety by converting them into feelings of peace and serenity. This powerful healing stone also encourages forgiveness and reminds you that your angels are always watching over you.

Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart and a symbol of unconditional love. It helps you feel a strong sense of self-worth and compassion so you can start a loving relationship with your authentic self.

Sodalite balances your emotions to ease anxiety and panic attacks. It’s healing energy dissolves guilt, fear, and self-punishment by bridging the gap between your heart and mind and bringing clarity to mental confusion.

Lava stones are rich in minerals that come from deep within the earth and embody the energy of volcanoes. Due to their strong connection to the earth, lava stones introduce grounding qualities into your life keeping you calm and humble. Add a drop of a calming essential oil to the lava beads and enjoy a peaceful aromatherapy experience all day long. 

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White Jade possesses the power of light which makes you feel calm and peaceful. It’s powerful healing energies filter out negativity and purify the energies of your heart to bring harmony and balance into your life. 

Sodalite boosts your intuition and stimulates your thoughts to give you mental harmony. It also increases your awareness, removing false illusions to allow for emotional balance and inner peace.

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Pyrite's power will protect you from negative thoughts around money and will aid in overcoming limiting beliefs. 

Aventurine has calming and cleaning properties that will detoxify your thoughts and help raise your vibration to the frequency of wealth and abundance. 

Citrine provides an illuminating energy that will aid in acquiring and maintaining prosperity.

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